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File Ace is a scriptable and extensible file and directory manipulator
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20 October 2008

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File Ace is a well designed file manager which efficiently simplifies managing of files.
Now you can get the most important and time consuming job of file management simplified with this ace tool that is united in an intuitive and customizable interface. The many features of this tool are; this tool can easily split the contents of files into smaller segments to make them handy. A joiner can rejoin the split files, a comparer to compare files for differences, an attributer to modify file timestamps and attributes, search command to search for files, shredder to wipe sensitive files, a duplicate finder that traces clone files, an integrity checker to verify authenticity of files, the directory lister to display list of directory contents, the synchronizer for directories, and the file renamer and encryptor for renaming and encrypting of important files.
Be innovative and place yourself with File Ace to gain productivity and lessen manual stress.

Publisher's description

File Ace is a scriptable and extensible file and directory manipulator. It provides powerful tools that simplify complex and time-consuming file tasks. Split and join files, compare file contents, search for files and folders, mass edit timestamps and attributes, find duplicates, batch rename files and more. Using the File Ace Dynamic Shell Menu, you can quickly and efficiently carry out these tasks directly from your favorite file manager. File Ace is perfect for those that often work with files and directories such as those with music, video or photograph collections, web developers, programmers, system administrators and assorted power users.
File Ace
File Ace
Version 2.03
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